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Here at IMS we take your ideas from a concept to reality, quickly and in the most cost effective manner. From the smallest automation project to large scale industrial machine design, IMS is the ideal partner to design, build and implement your concepts. A design engineer will work one on one with you and provide the engineering knowledge and support you need to build efficient, cost effective mechanical systems and products.


Areas of expertise include new product deployment, 3D CAD modelling, engineering design and analysis, manufacturing system design, automation systems, robotics and industrial engineering. IMS is committed to your success, from providing simple 3D CAD models to large scale design projects.


Our experience spans industries including; mining, automotive, alternative power and injection molding.



What can IMS offer you?

Smart, fast and cost effective design solutions in accordance to your specifications. A complete, detailed engineering report of your design/prototype that includes full 3D and 2D CAD drawing packages and finally the knowledge and expertise to bring your project to life. See below for a detailed breakdown of our services.

Mechanical Design:

IMS uses the latest 3D modelling software to provide you with a detailed visual representation of your design throughout the design process. This gives you the chance to make revisions to the design before manufacturing, saving substantial spend in prototyping. IMS creates and provides the customer with realistic photographic like renderings of the product for proposals and presentations. We then use Solidworks simulation along with mathematical analysis to test your product under the design criteria to assure it will stand up to its desired operational lifetime. Full documentation of these tests are provided to and reviewed with you and design changes can be made depending on simulation results. This leaves you with the confidence that the product will not fail early in its lifecycle, and will perform as required before even being manufactured. Once the design conforms to your criteria, a complete CAD package is provided to the customer for manufacturing in the CAD package of your choice. From sketches on a napkin to reality, IMS works one on one with you to make your design come to life.


Mechanical Analysis:

IMS uses computer simulations to test your product under operating conditions to check against failure. Product stress levels are assessed to ensure that the forces present in regular operation will not cause part failure. Taking advantage of our analysis saves you time and gives you the confidence that your product will perform as required before manufacture.

Engineering Consulting:

IMS's engineers offer a one on one consultation to work through your project with you. This option provides you with access to a vast amount of engineering knowledge, advise and manufacturing know how on an “as required” basis to help guide you through the design process. IMS is only involved in the design process as much as you require and is a resource when you need us to assist in bringing your design to reality. 

3D CAD model
3D CAD model
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