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Steam Coils & Unit Heaters

Heavy Duty Industrial Steam Coils

Unlike commercial grade standard steam coils currently available in the market, IMS Steam Heating Coils are made with thicker and stronger materials: built with tubes manufactured of schedule 40 steel pipe and min. .024" to .035" thick steel fins.

They provide greater resistance to damage and wear from high temperatures, pressures and corrosive conditions. 

Steam Heating Coil Types Available:

  • Steam Heating Coils - preheat - heat - reheat

  • Dryer Coils - paper machine dryers

  • Hot Water Booster Coils - duct mounted reheat coils

  • Water Cooling Coils - any type circuit

  • Water-Glycol Coils - any type circuit

  • Hot Oil Coils - liquid phase applications

  • Boiler Air Preheater Coils - steel - aluminum - stainless

Non Freeze Steam Coils

Non-Freeze Steam Coils - Designed to heat make-up air for industry under the extreme conditions of our cold winters with freezing temperatures.

Catalog features Coil Designation, Standard Coils, Centre Tube Coils, Purged First Row Coils dimensions, Standard Crimped Fin Tube description and dimensions, installtion and operating instructions and Typical Specifications for Standard Coils, Cnetre Tube Coils and Purged First Row Coils.

For more information, please see the IMS catalogue below.

Heavy Duty Unit Heaters and Door Heaters

Unit Heaters from IMS Canada are heavy duty industrial type constructed of Sch 40 steel pipe (or Sch 80 on request) with steel or aluminum fins. Fan guards are standard equipment. All motors are heavy duty industrial type and permanently lubricated. The adjustable louvers and cabinets are fabricated from 14 gauge steel and finished in enamel.

For more information on our Unit Heaters, download the IMS brochure below.

Tank Heaters

IMS tank heaters are heavy duty construction extended surface units for meeting the demands of industrial installations. These heaters are all welded construction using schedule 40 pipe and .036" thick minimum spiral wrapped fins. Integral mounting bases are provided and all heaters are hydrostatic tested prior to shipment.

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Tank Heater
Tank Heater
Industrial Steam Coils
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