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Radia-Fin Pipe

Radia-Fin Radiant Heating

Meets modern heating applications with greater efficiency, longer life and lower costs.

Radia-Fin, a steel finned pipe, is ideally suited for many heating applications. It may be the answer to your problem.

Why the Radia-Fin Pipe is so efficient!

Large heating surfaces are formed by spirally wound coils of heavy gauge steel strip. Inner edge of the fin strip is corrugated and in thigh contact with the pipe for maximum transfer of heat. Spiral fins and corrugated surfaces cause greater turbulence to develop, bringing more surrounding air into contact with finned surfaces.

Rugged Heavy-Duty construction gives longer service. Makes possible compact coil design with less resistance to air flow. Increased radiation of heat per lineal foot of pipes gives greater heating efficiency. Fewer coils and couplings required gives lower installation costs. Light weight per square foot of heating surface. Radia-Fin can be used with high or low pressure steam, hot water or water-glycol mixtures. 

Radia-Fin Radiant Heating has many applications:

* Greenhouse Heating Systems

* Poultry House Heating

* Pig Barn Heating Systems

* Factory Heating Systems

* Dry Kiln Heating

* Marine Heating

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 Radia-Fin Radiant Heating
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