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Tank Cleaning Machines

Butterworth > Hoses, Coupling and Connections

Butterworth manufactures a range of hoses, tool kits, couplings and connections.

Butterworth > CIP Guardian Monitoring System

Documents the performance and provides alarms to alert operators to CIP problems.

The Butterworth CIP Guardian Monitoring System is an acoustical diagnosis sensor used to verify, validate, and document the cleaning process of your tanks. 

Our acoustical monitoring system can be used with multiple tanks, on various tank/nozzle
configurations, and with all types of tank cleaning nozzles.

The CIP Monitoring System will detect:

  • low impact sprays

  • rotation failure

  • change in rotation frequency

  • changes in spray pressure

  • clogged and partially clogged nozzles

Easily mounted to the exterior of the tank, sensor placement is simple using our user friendly guidelines.

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Tank Cleaning Machines
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